John Chase Safaris is a mobile photographic safari company that has a 12 year history of offering remote tented luxury trips in Botswana. We offer deluxe camping excursions, using spacious walk in Meru tents, with en-suite bush toilet and bush bucket shower.

We will custom design a trip to suit your specific requests, and assist you with choice of areas and activities. Allow us to create an amazing journey that will result in an unforgettable African Safari. Special emphasis is placed on intimate family groups and children of all ages are welcome.


Camping in Africa is a unique experience. By sleeping in a canvas tent, one can experience the night sounds, and enjoy true wilderness. By traveling overland to remote areas, you will develop a better understanding of the country and its people. We have specially designed and modified safari vehicles, Toyota land cruisers with comfortable bucket seats.













John Chase

John has lived in Botswana all of his life and was born in Francistown in 1951, then a bush town, and has never really left the bush for any length of time since then. He is one of a handful of men alive, of whom it can be said, that is completely at one with the Botswana bush. He is constantly in tune with his environment, and the knowledge and experience he will pass on to you, is the result of an intense and prolonged osmotic process, rather than the book-learned and exam-passed Africana that some other Professional Guides & Hunters will have to offer you.

His encyclopedic knowledge of birds and trees, animals and insects, firearms and guns is well known. He is a guide and hunter of great experience, having learned this trade since he began his non-stop pre-pubertal forays into the veld (bush), in an impossible attempt to stem the unquenchable desire he was born with, to walk and drive through the country he loves so deeply, from then until today. John’s knowledge of his country is probably unsurpassed in Botswana today. He is held in great esteem by his colleagues. 


Tina Chase
Tina is one of those lucky individuals who has been “on safari” for all of her life.  She was born in Arusha, Tanzania just the other day and her knowledge of Botswana is phenomenal and there are not many places inside her borders that she has not seen. Tina has many years experience in setting up super comfortable camps, and her natural flair and attention to detail ensures that your stay in one of her camps will be luxurious and memorable.

As far as hostesses go, this woman is indeed in a class of her own. Unlike most people who entertain professionally, Tina LOVES catering and she LOVES people, and it shows. She loves showing people a good time while they marvel at the wonders of the African bush, and why she and her tried and trusted team are so good at it. To do it well out in the “sticks” is no task for the faint hearted, and her special talents will be much appreciated by all who are lucky enough to sit at her dinner table.

Tina is no slouch out of base camp either, and you are in for another treat once you join her while she is in her most favourite persona. This is when she has a pair of binoculars in one hand, and a Toyota Landcruiser in the other. She has a special love of Africa’s impressive array of birds and trees, and is a Professional Guide with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience.