TSESSABE is a Travel Marketing and Representation Consultancy based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom. The company is managed by Tessa Bott who has over 20 years travel industry experience, specialising in Africa Travel.


TSESSABE differentiates itself from other travel marketing and representation companies by offering a personalised, relaxed, flexible but always professional approach, with an added passion for promoting product.


TSESSABE provides a service to a all products: owner involved safari lodges/camps, unique safari operators and boutique and luxury hotels. We offer an extensive range of professional services backed by honesty and integrity. We are here to get our clients’ product noticed and recognised by the travel trade in the UK and to get the share of the market our clients deserve.


TSESSABE is here to offer a tailor-made and flexible services to suit the client’s needs as we have a clear understanding and firsthand experience of the international travel market and industry in order to do this.


A Tsessebe is an antelope found in Botswana. Tessa lived in Botswana for about 10 years when she was in her early twenties and when she lived there everyone used to call her 'Tessa B'!

When she was deciding on a name for her company she decided on the play of words incorporating her nickname and the worlds fastest antelope  and came up with TSESSABE.

Challenging to pronounce and to spell but there is a story behind it!